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Innovation Station

The Innovation Station is back in action!
Thanks to FREF and Terra Burgess, our Innovation Station is back for the new 2021-2022 School Year!  Updates and announcements coming soon.
Like everything else, our STEAM Innovation Station will look a little bit different than it did last year.
Soon enough, we will be able to engineer, create and innovate again!
Stay curious Bobcats! Ask questions, investigate the world around you and keep building your creative innovations out of boxes and recycled materials!!! 
Hello from the Innovation Station!
I am very excited to be providing STEAM lessons for our kiddos once again! (Info about what the Innovation Station is and how it will change this year will be coming soon.)
For our new families, the Innovation Station is an entire room dedicated to STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). Students would build, create and problem solve with an ever changing supply of donated/recycled materials and tools.
This year the Innovation Station will operate in a new location! Materials will be pre-sorted and quarantined and no supplies will be shared. It will look a bit different, but hopefully be just as fun and inspiring as before.
Thank you so much, and feel free to reach out to me with questions!
Terra Burgess



Click HERE to visit the "Innovation Station with Mrs. Burgess" on her YouTube Channel.

Watch video lessons and step-by-step instructions for origami, STEAM challenges, and so much more! 
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Have fun!
Students had a blast in the Innovation Station last year. Thank you for your donations & your time!
Check out the pictures from some of last year's challenges. (New pictures will be coming soon!)