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Parking Lot/Drop-off and Pick-up Reminders

Parents must drop off/pick up their child in the drive-thru lanes in the front or back of school, or at the service ramp on Vera Cruz.
Please pull up as far as possible and remain in your car when in the drive-thru lane. If you need to get out of the car, please park and use the crosswalks.
Parents will not be able to walk beyond the office on campus during school hours for drop off or pick up (TK exception, with badge, Kinder to Kinder Tables). We appreciate your help in adhering to these safety guidelines to keep our kids safe.
Volunteers ARE able to come on campus during school hours by appointment only, and must check in at the office. Volunteers will receive a badge.
Please be aware that the park is a convenient place to drop off/pick up and avoid the line of cars at the front of the school, however, it is an off-site location that is not supervised by school staff. If you choose to use the park (or any other off site location) for drop off and pick up, be sure to talk with your Bobcat about safety.