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5th Grade Intermediate Strings


Thank you to all the parents who help their students remember to bring their instruments to school.
The main focus in class, besides performing, has been classroom etiquette (performing together, talking at the appropriate times only, etc).
After the conference week, students will receive Winter Concert music for our daytime concert in the week before Winter Break. Concerts will take place during students' music time. Concert dates will be announced in early November.
If you have any questions, please email Mr. Long.


At home, find a quiet place (bedroom, kitchen, etc.) to review the music we play in string class.
Be sure to sit (or stand) tall with your feet on the floor.
Have your music in front of you. Try propping your binder against your case to use as a music stand.
Carefully play our class warm up, trying to make the notes sound nice.
Practice the songs we play in class. If you struggle with a specific measure or just a few notes, you can just practice that little bit. If you improve, try playing the entire song.
Practice enough to feel successful, not frustrated. When you reach your limit for practicing, go ahead and stop for the day.
Practice the same time, in the same place, every day. Being consistent is the key to being successful.